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Angola: Government Invests On Efficient and Humanized Health System

Luanda — The Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança da Costa, said Monday in Luanda that the government was committed to expanding a more robust, efficient and humanized health system and to creating decent working conditions.

Speaking to the press during the reopening of the Neves Bendinha Specialized General Hospital, he stressed that the country currently has 2,000 health units, of which eight are central hospitals, 32 provincial and around 228 municipal hospitals.

In addition, the Vice-President of the Republic said that there is a large set of medical posts to be transformed into a primary service of proximity care at the level of the communes and districts.

“We are on a path that we would like to continue with everyone’s participation and it has been a pressing concern of President João Lourenço, who wants to see the field of health become increasingly robust, efficient and more modern and advanced,” she said.

Vice President, Esperança da Costa noted that the country is making a lot of progress in terms of quantity, but there are still challenges that need concrete and sustainable solutions.

She said that while progress is being made in maximizing the number of hospital units, the Executive is also focusing on human capital and creating better conditions for health professionals.

She also recalled that in recent years, the ministry in charge has held several public tenders for the health sector throughout the country.

“Today we have around 30,000 new health professionals hired, but the big challenge now is to train them and we are working towards precise targets in the field of specialization in the various areas and skills in this and other hospitals across the country,” he pointed out.

Call for humanized services

The Vice-President of the Republic called on all the country’s health professionals to be increasingly committed to the work they do.

“Let them always be based on ethics and professionalism, let them provide more humanized services and show more love for others. We are dealing with human lives, which must be preserved,” he said,

Esperança da Costa also said that it was necessary to work consistently on hospital management, property, equipment and drugs, and also called on users to participate in the maintenance of health units.

Satisfaction with modernized services

Esperança da Costa expressed her satisfaction at the reopening of the health unit with around 80 beds and state-of-the-art equipment, considering it the result of strategic choices made by the Executive, which wants to see the health sector increasingly optimized and efficient.

“We left here satisfied because we reopened this health unit, best known as the “Burn Hospital”, which is a great tribute to the Angolan nationalist Neves Bendinha.

The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and will be able to carry out differentiated diagnostic analysis, as well as providing a humanized and efficient response to demand, i.e. from the most minor to the most complex burns.

The ceremony was attended by the widow (Lídia de Brito Teixeira) and family members of the nationalist Neves Bendinha, whose name was given to the hospital specializing in the treatment of burns.

Neves Bendinha

Neves Adão Bendinha, an Angolan nationalist, was born on 10 November 1936 in the village of Guinza, Icolo e Bengo, and died on 15 May 1961.

He was a hero whose actions went beyond bravery, self-sacrifice and total commitment to the nationalist cause. He was a great mobiliser of the masses, stirring them to revolt against the Salazar regime.

Source : AllAfrica