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Angola to Host the 53rd AASA Annual General Assembly

Angola is set to host the 53rd edition of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa (AASA) Annual General Assembly from October 5 to 8 in its vibrant capital city, Luanda. This prestigious event, co-organized by TAAG Angola Airlines, marks the first time that Angola has been chosen as the host country for this pivotal gathering.

The AASA Annual General Assembly serves as a critical platform for industry stakeholders, including airlines, regulators, manufacturers, service providers, investors, diplomatic representatives, and government entities, to come together and engage in essential discussions and networking opportunities. The assembly is dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing civil aviation in Africa, emphasizing cooperation and collaboration among key players in the aviation ecosystem.

One of the standout events of the assembly, scheduled for October 6, is the roundtable sessions. These sessions will feature over 200 delegates and top decision-makers from various corners of the aviation world. The discussions during these sessions will encompass a wide range of topics crucial to the industry’s growth and sustainability, including the competitive environment, connectivity, financing, supply chain, operating costs, regulatory aspects, and the future of African airlines.

AASA, as a regional association, brings together African airlines based south of the equator. Its responsibilities include representing airlines from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on the SADC Civil Aviation Committee as the Airline Consultative Member. Currently, AASA boasts 16 Airline Members, including renowned carriers such as TAAG, Air Austral, Air Botswana, and South African Airways, among others. Additionally, the association comprises 35 associate members from business areas directly or indirectly related to aviation.

AASA also plays a pivotal role in contributing to the development of aviation in the region and actively participates in international initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to promote and advocate for the interests of its member airlines.

Source: Air-Space Africa