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Kazakh and World Ballet Star Bakhtiyar Adamzhan Presents Astana Opera in a Large-Scale European Tour

The star of Kazakh and world ballet, the Astana Opera’s principal dancer, Bakhtiyar Adamzhan, is currently performing in Italy as part of a large-scale European tour. The program created by the organizers emphasizes the special talent of the Kazakh dancer to perform technically complex moves from the ballet repertoire, Kazinform learned from the press office of Astana Opera.

The Kazakh dancer astounds the world audience with his charisma and professional skills at the Roberto Bolle and Friends evenings, held this year from July 11 to 29 in Rome, Florence, Verona and Caserta. On July 27 and 29, the principal dancer of the capital’s opera house will have exciting performances in Genoa and Taormina.

«I was invited to this big tour by my friend, the legendary ballet dancer of world renown – Roberto Bolle. He has his own production center Artedanza and I have had a good relationship with him over the years. At their invitation, I come to Italy 4-5 times a year. This time, at the audience’s request, I was invited to a full-fledged summer tour. Taking part in Roberto Bolle’s concerts gives its participants an opportunity to demonstrate our skills in front of a large audience. My performance at the world-famous ancient amphitheatre Arena di Verona alone was attended by more than 15,000 viewers. Therefore, for me, this tour is a great platform to present not only my work, but also the Kazakh ballet art in general. I noticed that the audience there carefully studies all the details about their favorite performers: where they come from, where they work. My Italian fans subscribe to my social media accounts and leave their warm wishes. There are people in this wonderful country who have been appreciating my work for 4 years and come to my concerts. In addition, high art aficionados throughout Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, etc. follow my performances,»Bakhtiyar Adamzhan said.

It is important to emphasize that Roberto Bolle invites only the highest level performers to his gala evenings. The fact that the Astana Opera’s principal Bakhtiyar Adamzhan annually takes part in Roberto Bolle’s concerts is another proof that the principal dancer has taken his worthy place in the world ballet art.

From July 11 to 13, Bakhtiyar Adamzhan brilliantly performed pas de deux from Ludwig Minkus’ Don Quixote and Adolphe Adam’s Le Corsaire at the music festival at the Terme di Caracalla in Rome. Two days later, on July 15, he presented a contemporary routine In the Wake by choreographer Yixian Zhang to Senking’s music and pas de deux from the ballet Don Quixote at the famous Piazza della Santissima Annunziata in Florence. His performances on July 19 at the Arena di Verona and on July 22 in the Reggia di Caserta were also a great success.

Tours in Italy will last until the end of this month: Ballet Evenings featuring our compatriot will be held on July 27 at Villa Grimaldi Square in Genoa, and on July 29 at the ancient theatre in Taormina. In addition to the above performances, Bakhtiyar will present the Diana and Actaeon pas de deux from Cesare Pugni’s ballet La Esmeralda.

«Despite the great demand all over the world, there are times when I refuse offers of concerts and performances abroad, because I want to perform in front of my beloved audience, which looks forward to seeing me at the Astana Opera. For me it is a great pleasure and, at the same time, a tremendous responsibility. That said, I want to thank the opera house management, especially the artistic director of the ballet company Altynai Asylmuratova, who always supports my work. When I go abroad to perform, Ms. Asylmuratova asks: «Do you need to prepare? Do all costumes fit?» She also takes an interest in my physical condition, worries about me. I am extremely grateful to her because she blesses me for all my performances,» Bakhtiyar Adamzhan concluded.

The popularity of the Astana Opera’s principal dancer is very high both in Kazakhstan and abroad. His performances are tightly scheduled for the next few months. For example, the principal is planning to go to Australia for the fourth time at the invitation of the organizers of the Ballet International Gala in August. There Bakhtiyar, with his stage partner Shugyla Adepkhan, will once again delight the fans. In autumn, the ballet star will perform at the Star Gala in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, at the Petipa Awards in San Francisco, USA, as well as in other countries such as Cyprus and Switzerland.

Source : Kazinform