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Kenya Waives Visa Requirement for Angola Nationals

President William Ruto has made a significant move to strengthen the bond between Kenya and Angola by exempting citizens of Angola from visa requirements.

During Angolan President João Lourenco’s visit to Kenya, President Ruto highlighted the value of collaboration across several industries, especially agriculture. Initially, President Lourenco was scheduled to attend the Mashujaa Day festivities as the guest of honour but was represented by Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio Tete instead. Although Kenya did not receive an immediate response from Angola about waiving visa regulations, President Ruto revealed yesterday that President Lourenco promised to deliberate internally before publicizing the final verdict.

The amiable relations between Angola and Kenya reached a new level during the recent visit of João Lourenço. The two leaders oversaw the signing of 11 Memoranda of Understanding. These pacts included sectors such as ICT, health, mining and geology, and oil and gas, mining and geology, health, civil service capacity building, and cooperation in diplomatic academies. Notably, Kenyan and Angolan farmers will partner up to cultivate crops for the mutual benefit of both countries. President Lourenco’s visit to Kenya included a visit to Parliament, where he paid his respects at the mausoleum of founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

This visit marks the first time a president from Angola has visited Kenya since their independence, highlighting Kenya’s significant role in Angola’s journey to independence from Portugal. During their meeting, the two leaders expressed their concerns about the conflicts in Sudan and the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. They called for an immediate cessation of fighting and emphasized the importance of a peaceful democratic transition through an inclusive political process. President Ruto assured President Lourenco of Kenya’s support for Angola’s bid to chair the African Union in 2025, as Angola had received endorsement from SADC.

Additionally, the two nations reaffirmed their commitment to the decisions made at the recent African Climate Summit hosted by Kenya. They agreed to collaborate through the African Union and the United Nations in preparation for COP28, which will take place in Dubai next month.

Source : Mwakilishi.com