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Africa: Country category winners 2023

Best bank for CSR: Banco de Fomento Angola

Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) is Angola’s best bank for corporate social responsibility this year. It has launched a range of programmes to support poverty eradication, health and wellness, education and social equality in the country.

The bank’s Solidário programme, launched five years ago, is one of its more important. Through it, BFA provides financial support to activities and strategic projects for improving children’s education, health and social and financial inclusion.

Through the support of this programme, two vocational training centres were improved in the community of Camizungo and Luanda, one for IT and the other for electrical training. The centres help young people learn a trade and generate income for their families.

BFA has also launched the BFA+Nutrir project to reduce child malnutrition in Angola in collaboration with Unicef. As part of this initiative, 2,917 children were admitted for treatment of severe malnutrition between March and September 2022.

Source: Euromoney