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Angolan President Urges for Commitment to Field Work

Luanda — Angolan head of State João Lourenço urged the citizens to work more, especially in the countryside, with a view to achieving self-sufficiency and diversifying the exports.

João Lourenço made the call at the opening of the 4th edition of the Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola and 9th National Forum of Municipalities and Cities of Angola held Thursday in Lubango, southern Huila province.

The president, who paid a 48-hour visit to Huila province, referred to the world food crisis that has become part of the global agenda, worsened by the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, two of the major cereal producers and suppliers for the world.

According to the head of State, Angola is no exception in the face of the world food crisis and the moment is not for lamentations, not event pointing the finger at anyone.

He said that in view of the conflict Russia-Ucraine, the price of the highest consumption foods, such as cereals, has been rising around the world, with a tendency to get worse.

From this perspective, the President stressed that Angola needs to take advantage of the abundance and quality of his arable soils, good climate, immeasurable water resources that the country has and young human resources to transform this potential wealth into real wealth .

“The crisis is global and affects everyone,” he said, stating that this is the time for the State to recover the lands that have been in the possession of citizens who do not explore and distribute them to those willing working on them.

In his view, these abandoned land should be attributed to young people who are anxious in large cities and want to experience another reality, which will give their lives more dignity.

According to João Lourenço, data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation points to the region of Sub-Saharan Africa as the most affected by the food crisis, where most countries are in this situation.

Angolan statesman reiterated, on the other hand, the Executive’s commitment to continue to develop strategies to create a good business environment, diversify the economy, increase national production, exports, and reduce imports.

He also reaffirmed the State’s commitment to increase offers of opportunities and jobs.

The President also recommended to the bank sector to put in the center of priorities the pressing need for funding to the real economy, without a warning of the regulator, because without the impulse of the bank the economy does not grow.

Ending his speech, João Lourenço has congratulated the organisation of the fair, hoping that the edition will serve as a real stage where the different economic agents and civil society actors discuss topics that aim to promote the potentialities and

Turning to the socio-economic development of the country and the diversification of the economy, the Municipal Fair brings together exhibitions from the country’s 164 municipal administrations, 18 provincial governments, ministries and public institutes.

Source : AllAfrica