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Chamisa’s Allies Comes Out Guns Blazing on Tshabangu

HARARE – The embattled Mount Pleasant MP, Fadzayi Mahere, has strongly criticized Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-imposed secretary general of CCC, for referring to the former Mayor of Masvingo, Shantiel Yeukai Chiwara, as “a little girl.”

Chiwara, a 25-year-old graduate with a BComm (Hons) in Banking and a student pursuing a Masters in Strategic Management, made history as the youngest and first female Mayor of Masvingo.

In a recent interview on HStvNews, Tshabangu suggested that Chiwara did not earn her position as Masvingo Mayor based on merit but insinuated that she was involved romantically with a senior CCC official.

Mahere condemned Tshabangu’s comments, characterizing them as an assault on the right of a capable young woman to lead. She emphasized that such “disgusting misogyny” should be denounced by all Zimbabweans.

She said:

“Disgusting misogyny is on display here by Mr Tshabangu. His defamatory, sexist remarks go beyond politics.

“It’s an attack on the right of a young, competent woman to lead and must be condemned by all progressive Zimbabweans.

“Mayor Chiwara @Shantiel16 is not a “little girl”. She is a banker who broke an important glass ceiling by being elected the first female Mayor of Masvingo.

“Stop scandalizing her. Stop infantilizing her. Stop harassing her for being a young woman.

“The @CCCZimbabwe is a movement that has long championed Gender Parity and has consistently stated that it’s a movement #ForEveryone – including young professional women. #16DaysOfActivism.”

Chiwara was the sole councillor recalled by Tshabangu in Masvingo in the first round of the CCC recalls in October.

Source : Zimbabwe Mail