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Charlize Theron’s charity celebration left Thuso Mbedu ‘filled with hope’

South African born actresses Thuso Mbedu and Charlize Theron had the privilege of being in each other’s company recently as they celebrated the 15th anniversary of Theron’s charity.

After attending the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) anniversary celebration, Mbedu said on Instagram that she not only felt “awe-inspired” but also “filled with hope” that a “better future” awaits South African youth.

The CTAOP is aimed at advancing and investing in the health, education, and safety of young people living in Southern Africa. Close to 3.3 million youngsters to date have been reached by programmes supported by CTAOP.

Together with a photo-dump of the evening’s proceedings, the “Woman King” actress wrote: “I had the privilege of celebrating 15 years of service with @ctaop.

“To witness the massive change that @charlizeafrica and the team have done was not only awe-inspiring but it also filled me with so much hope. In those young leaders who have been actively impacted – there’s a great hope for a better future.”

Her message to the youth of South Africa was: “You matter more than your circumstances will let you believe. We believe in the power that rests in you and be encouraged as there are people who are actively fighting for you.”

She continued: “To the rest: Do what you can with what you have and watch it change the world. Use your voice, your resources, your community. There’s nothing as “too little” when it comes to making change for the better.

Here’s to another few hundred years @ctaop 🫶🏾🥳 Thank you.“

Theron took to the comments to thank Thuso for her attendance.

“Thank you for coming, sweet lady ❤️,” she said.

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