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Ethiopia, Angola to Elevate Diplomatic Ties

Ethiopia and Angola have pledged to further elevate their diplomatic relations in a range of fields to the benefit of the people and the continent at large.

The Republic of Angola marked the 48th anniversary of National Independence Day under the motto “United for the Development of Angola.”

In his felicitation message to Angolans, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) African Affairs Director- General Ambassdor Fisseha Shawel said that Ethiopia and Angola have long-standing bilateral relations despite changes in governments in both countries.

Ethiopia envisages that these bilateral relations need to be further strengthened to the benefit of the peoples of the two countries and Africa at large, he noted.

Ethiopia was supportive of Angola’s anti-colonial struggle, which helped the people of Angola finally achieve their well-deserving freedom, he said.

Ambassador Fisseha also said that Ethiopia attaches great importance to its relationship with the Republic of Angola and desires to continue further consolidating collaboration, especially on key bilateral, regional, and global matters.

As to the Ambassador, the two countries have learned that cooperation and collaboration is vital for their collective survival.

“We want a prosperous Africa based on sustainable and equitable development. Also, we want a united Africa that aspires to fulfill the ideals of Pan Africanism and the vision of an African Renaissance,” he said.

According to the Director General,the event reaffirms the close collaboration between Ethiopia and Angola, manifesting the multitude of relations between the two countries.

Ambassador of Angola to Ethiopia, Miguel Cesar Domingos Bembe on his part said that the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Angola and Ethiopia are historic and interoperable.

According to him, the relation between thetwo nationsis a testimony of their shared values, aspirations, and collective commitments aiming for progress and sustainable development, always in defense of pan-Africanism and multilateralism, to materialize the “Africa we want.”

Amb. Bembe also said that both countries have economic potential that serves as a driving force capable of stimulating more comprehensive bilateral cooperation with investment opportunities and partnerships in key areas of common interest.

“We reiterate our determination and commitment to strengthen and expand the relations of cooperation between Angola and Ethiopia, contributing to the development process of both countries,” he said.

It was on November 11, 1975, through the voice of the first President of the Republic, the late António Agostinho Neto (PhD), that Angola officially became independent.

Source : AllAfrica