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Ethiopia: Premier Pins Hope On Youth AI Potential

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has said the present generation needs to unlock their capacities and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies to lay the foundation for better Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute graduated high school students who attended the Second AI Summer Camp programs including python programming, machine learning, robotics, AI basics and Internet of Things (IoT) yesterday.

Speaking at the occasion, Premier Abiy stated that the hope of future Ethiopia relies on the current generation and urged the youth to shun distorted rhetoric and transform their country to prosperity and holistic development. “Since AI is suitable for every sector, the youth should develop their ideas to excel in skill and knowledge to realize Ethiopia’s growth.”

“In order to build Ethiopia’s future in a solid base, the youth should utilize AI for good purposes,” he said, advising them to focus on education and other career building activities. The focus should be shaping and building the present generation in good discipline and nurturing them to productive citizens helping the progress of their country. “The youth have the capacity to change Ethiopia for good.”

“You started the AI training at the right time and your accomplishment is promising. In the future, the discipline has the capacity to lead everything in the world. Expanding the technology’s penetration would foster the overall development of Ethiopia.”

According to the PM, the young are responsible for the future of Ethiopia in acquiring key problem solving knowledge. “I surprised by the capabilities of the children who attended the second annual AI summer camp. I have full confidence that the youth have the capability to transform Ethiopia.”

The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute has developed different supportive applications and has made promising tasks so far, Abiy remarked.

Source : AllAfrica