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First Woman Bishop for Angola

The Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique has elected its first woman bishop. Meeting on 8 July 2023 the Diocese of Bom Pasteur elected its vicar-general, the Rev. Filomena Tete Estevão, to be the next bishop of the diocese in succession to the Rt. Rev. Andre Soares who retired in December 2022.

Formed in 2021 when Bishop Soares divided the diocese of Angola into five dioceses, Bishop-elect Tete will oversee the Anglican church in the northern half of the capital city Luanda, and in the provinces of Bengo, Cabinda, Kwanza Norte and Malange. The diocesan office is located on Avenida Lenin in Luanda. Bishop-elect Tete will be the first woman bishop for the Anglican Church of Mozambique and Angola (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola, or IAMA).

Source : Anglican Ink