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GSMA Uses Mobile Internet to Fight African Diseases

GSMA and Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in support of public healthcare

A  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), intended to bring the transformational power of mobile connectivity to support Africa’s most significant healthcare challenges, has been signed between the GSMA, a global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem, and the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC).

The MoU is intended to provide a framework for partnership between the two organisations on a range of priorities spanning from digital strategy, policy, and governance frameworks across the continent to drive adoption of mobile technologies with potential to strengthen Africa’s health security and outcomes for millions.

The GSMA will work closely with Africa CDC on HealthConnekt Africa, a bold new initiative to connect all health facilities and workforce in Africa to the internet by 2030. The initiative will start with a small group of pioneer African Union Member States and communities, which will see their health facilities connected to the internet and health workers equipped with smart devices, allowing them to improve the quality of care provided to their clients through access to vital online resources.

The partners will also work together on promoting homegrown healthtech innovations and organising convenings that bring together the public health and tech communities in to chart ways of accelerating the digital transformation of the health sector in Africa.

Africa CDC recently announced a new Public Health Order, outlining priorities for strengthening African institutions for public health, strengthening the public health workforce, and promoting action-oriented and respectful partnerships, among others. The partnership between GSMA and Africa CDC is expected to contribute to realising this vision. 

Source: Bio Spectrum Asia