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KZN Woman Failed by Department of Home Affairs, Awaits Passport for Over a Year

AKwaZulu-Natal woman based in Krugersdorp, Elizabeth Boikanyo (54) has been battling to apply for a passport with the Department of Home Affairs for over a year now.

Boikanyo who is a first-time applicant and married to a North West farmer based in Krugersdorp, has been left frustrated by the process as she has received no feedback regarding the status of her application.

“I have been trying to apply for a passport with the Krugersdorp Home Affairs branch for over a year now. Ever since my application (in 2021), I’ve been told I am being verified,” she said.

Boikanyo got married on 29 July, 2021 and said she never had any issues when she changed her maiden surname, Thikazi, to her marital one (Boikanyo). However, her passport application is a different story.

“I never had an issue when applying for a smart ID card, nor did I experience any trouble when changing to my marital surname – Boikanyo. I do not know what the matter is or why the delay,” said Boikanyo.

Boikanyo said she is trying to apply for a passport because she and her husband, who has family in Botswana, have been trying to visit family members in the country since their wedding in South Africa but she cannot go due to not having a passport.

“All we want is for me to be introduced to the extended family as my husband’s wife. It doesn’t make sense to us why I am not granted a passport. Even with ‘being verified’ I am given no feedback on this status application,” she said.

“Calling the Krugersdorp branch is a frustrating exercise. I am always told that I am number 99 on the list. I don’t even know what this means. I was told by an official that they no longer issue temporary passports.

The primary school teacher said this has caused tension with her husband’s family with them questioning her citizenship. The tussle to get a passport has also left her confused.

“I am now being questioned whether I am indeed a Zulu woman from KZN or not. They are beginning to doubt that I am a South African at all. My husband has defended me, trying to convince his family that I am a working South African citizen. I have never been arrested, I have never had run-ins with the law,” said Boikanyo.

The Sunday Independent has sent questions to the Department of Home Affairs. Spokesperson of the Department, Thabo Mokgola did not respond to questions asked by the publication.

Source : MSN