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Mahalapye Duo Up for Double Rape, Murder

FRANCISTOWN: The trial of two Mahalapye men accused of raping two women, subsequently murdering one, began today before Justice Bengbame Sechele.

In the first count, the prosecution contends that Letsibogo Benny Lubisa and Olemile ‘V8’ Kgosietsile, collaborated in the murder of Thagiso Ona Lengole on October 27, 2012, in Mokobatse ward in Mahalapye. In the next charge, the state asserts that Lubisa and Kgosietsile, acting in concert and in a deliberate undertaking, had carnal knowledge of Lengole without her consent on October 27, 2012, in Mahalapye. Furthermore, the prosecution alleges that Lubisa and Kgosietsile similarly subjected a teenage girl (identity known to this publication) to rape on October 27, 2012, in Mahalapye. The accused have entered pleas of not guilty to all the charges.

As attested by the first prosecution witness, a victim at the time, Lubisa and Kgosietsile subjected them (she and the deceased) to sexual acts without consent. The witness further recounted that the deceased, Lengole, was subjected to repeated blows to the head with a pick handle, rendering her unconscious. Subsequently, the accused continued their assault on Lengole’s defenseless body using their fists. Upon Lengole losing consciousness, as detailed by the rape victim, Lubisa and Kgosietsile took turns raping her. They subsequently disposed of Lengole’s lifeless body in a stream before relocating to Lubisa’s residence, where, according to the victim’s testimony, they subjected her to further rape throughout the night. Prior to releasing her, the accused sternly warned her against giving out information regarding Lengole’s demise, threatening her with a similar fate. The case continues.

Source : MMEGI