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Major Water Disruptions Loom in Cape Town: Here’s What You Need to Know

Residents of Cape Town, brace yourselves.

The City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate has announced major water supply disruptions from October 4 to 6, due to critical maintenance work.

The affected areas include Claremont, Newlands, Rondebosch, and the Nonkqubela area in Khayelitsha.

The maintenance, which forms part of the City’s Water Demand Management Strategy, is aimed at reducing pipe bursts, water wastage, and ensuring the future continuity of water supply.

According to the City, the strategy addresses the issue of unaccounted water, a significant concern for the City.

In Claremont, Newlands, and Rondebosch, zero-pressure tests and step-testing will be conducted overnight from 9pm on October 4, until 4am on October 5, and again from 9pm on October 5 until 4am on October 6.

These tests will allow the maintenance team to assess the water supply conditions in these areas.

The City said that residents in these areas might experience low water pressure or even no water at all during the testing period.

The City has stated that it’s impossible to predict the exact streets or areas that will be affected.

Meanwhile, in Khayelitsha’s Nonkqubela area, the water supply will be completely shut off from 8am to 4pm on October 4, to facilitate the installation of a 450mm diameter valve on the main water supply pipeline. Water tankers will be on standby to provide water for domestic consumption where needed.

Mowbray and Rondebosch will also experience a water supply shut-off from 9am to 7pm on October 5.

This disruption will allow the maintenance team to install a 300mm diameter valve on the main water supply pipeline and repair fire hydrants.

The City has advised residents to store enough water in clean, sealed containers in advance and to keep taps closed to prevent water loss or damage when the supply is restored.

They have also cautioned that water may appear discoloured or milky due to trapped air in the pipes once the supply is restored. However, this is temporary, and the water will clear up if left to stand.

For real-time updates on the maintenance work and the location of water tankers, residents are encouraged to follow @CityofCTAlerts, the official City of Cape Town Twitter account.

The City has expressed its regret for any inconvenience caused and assures residents that these measures are in place to ensure a sustainable water future for Cape Town.

Source : IOL