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Malawi ends corruption trial against ex-president

Malawi authorities have ended a corruption trial against former President Bakili Muluzi.

Mr Muluzi served two five-year terms as president between 1994 and 2004 but he was charged five years after he left office.

He and his former personal secretary, Lyness Whiskey, were charged with abuse of public funds amounting to 1.7bn kwacha ($1.7m; £1.37m).

On Monday, the Malawi High Court said it had freed Mr Muluzi from all charges following a decision by the country’s head of public prosecutions to discontinue the case.

Mr Muluzi has always protested his innocence, saying the case was political persecution by the government of his successor, Bingu Mutharika, with whom they fell out.

There had been no real progress on the case under the administrations of successive presidents who enjoyed a good relationship with Mr Muluzi.

The trial has been adjourned several times for a range of reasons including an initial prosecutor deciding to recuse himself and Mr Muluzi’s treatment for spinal problems.

Source: bbc