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No One Listens to No One at the Four-way Meeting

Russia hopes that authorities in Damascus and Ankara will unite, because it believes that Erdogan will win the elections if there is a normalization of relations between Syria and Turkey.

Yesterday, a quadripartite meeting was held between the deputy foreign ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran and the Turkish regime, in which all parties pursue only their own interests.

The quadripartite meeting ended with a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The statement said that the deputy foreign ministers of the 4 countries agreed to maintain relations during the meeting.

The message on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry notes that the participants directly and openly expressed their opinion and agreed to continue relations.

The ministry confirmed that during the talks, a meeting of the foreign ministers of the four countries was discussed.

The Al Watan newspaper stated that Moscow wants to hold a meeting with the foreign ministers of 4 countries and suggested that the meeting be held on Monday and Tuesday.

The most interesting thing about this meeting is that Turkey did not make any statements or put forward conditions regarding the meeting. At the same time, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian government Eymen Sosan called the conditions for the restoration of relations between the two states.

The conditions of the Syrian government are: the Turkish army must leave Syria, and Ankara must stop supporting the groups. However, some Russian diplomatic sources stated that a meeting of foreign ministers is expected from this meeting, and on this basis an agreement will be reached on a meeting of the leaders of the four countries.

It is worth remembering that in 40 days the presidential elections will start in Turkey, so Russia is trying to win the election of Erdogan. However, Bashar al-Assad does not accept this and does not want to make any deals with the leader of the AKP.

There are many reasons why the Damascus administration is cold about the agreement with Turkey, one of which is that Assad, who has been excluded from the Arab world for 12 years, wants more agreement with the Arab countries.

But Iran is alarmed that it was excluded from a meeting of Syrian, Turkish and Russian defense ministers last year, despite verbal support for a deal between the Syrian government and the Turkish regime. Some news reports suggested that Russia was trying to include the United Arab Emirates in the talks instead of Iran, which angered Iran and caused Damascus to postpone the meeting.

Iran is not against rapprochement between the governments of Damascus and Turkey, but does not want any political solution at the expense of its hegemony in Syria.

The Kremlin was reportedly forced to reverse its decision to exclude Iran after Russia used Iranian drones in the war against Ukraine. The UAE avoided negotiations and Iran joined the talks. In addition, the low level of Iranian participation in yesterday’s talks indicates that Russia’s forecasts have not been fully justified.

Source: hawarnews