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Ruto Aide Seeks to Block Select Teachers From Employment

President William Ruto’s personal aide, Farouk Kibet, on Sunday called for the formulation and enactment of a law barring teachers who consume alcohol from government jobs.

While attending an event at a school in Uasin Gishu County, Farouk attributed the necessity of the proposed law to the crucial role teachers play as role models for students affirming that teachers have a cardinal responsibility to ensure they are never under the influence within school environments.

He specifically instructed National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah to take the necessary steps to formulate and pass the relevant legislation.

“Those seeking employment as teachers, let the first thing checked during the interview is whether they consume alcohol or not,” Kibet affirmed.

Farouk asserted that the primary reason for students being in school is to get an education, which is often disrupted by instructors indulging in occasional drinks.

Ichung’wah withheld immediate confirmation regarding tabling the motion in Parliament for debate.

When handed the microphone, the Kikuyu MP instead chose to comment on Farouk’s influential role within President William Ruto’s administration.

“You cannot access the President without Farouk’s approval. Even Cabinet Secretaries must pass through him to see the President,” he stated.

During the Turbo event, Kibet went on to reveal the existence of local leaders who he said have been engaging in the deceitful act of exploiting parents.

He elaborated that these leaders often pose for photos alongside him and other influential politicians. Armed with these photos, the fraudsters go ahead to fleece vulnerable parents of substantial sums, promising to facilitate job connections for their children.

“Students in rural areas have hope in education. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that children compete with other Kenyans in terms of education,” he stated.

During the event, Kibet also emphasised to students the importance of avoiding underage marriage, highlighting its prevalence as a significant issue within the region.

Source : Kenyans