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The bikers making Angola the ride of their lives

Angola is a country like no other. It has exceptional scenery and varying landscapes, making it a great place to visit. Perhaps one of the less known, but most enjoyable ways to do that, is on a motorbike. That’s why we took a trip with a group of motorbike enthusiasts to discover some of the breathtaking experiences the country has to offer.

The group is called ‘Amigos da Picada’, which means friends of the dirt road. The name is inspired by the condition of several roads back in 2006, when the group went on its maiden ride to neighbouring Namibia.

The group is made up of respected motorcycle aficionados whose love for the open road runs as deep as their bond. Zacarias Fernandes Neto, a member of Amigos da Picada describes the team as “a good family” who believes in “all for one, one for all”. They’re all about “understanding and friendship”.

They have 260 active members and they regularly get together to enjoy not just the beautiful landscapes of Angola, but the entire continent as well. We travelled with them on a trip from Luanda to Quicama National and ending in Cabiri’s Mubanga Lodge, a popular tourist destination.

The rides are fun, but as Lilio Almeida the President of Amigos da Picada says, they’re also about making a difference. He tells us that their “mission is to promote tourism in Angola”. They also do “lots of social work with churches and with hospitals”.

Just 55 kilometres from the capital, on the south coast, there’s a place called the viewpoint of the moon, which could really be considered as something out of this world. At around 6.30-7pm, the sun sets over this viewpoint, creating an unforgettable scene.

As the bikers continue east past Quicama National Park, they arrive at Muxima. This means heart in Kimbundu language. Zacarias tells us that it’s a sacred place. They go there “every year to get a blessing for the start of the motorcycling year”.

Once they have their blessing from Muxima, the bikers head to their final destination, anight at the Mubanga Lodge in Cabiri. They can now relax after the day’s excursion. But before we head off to let them wind down, Zacarias tells us that he would like to see more international motorcyclists to come to Angola and that “they are welcome”. To Zacarias, motorbike enthusiasts “are a great family”.

source: euronews