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Central Africa: Angola Wants Great Lakes Minerals to Benefit Region

Luanda — Angola said the mineral resources from the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) should contribute to the well-being of the populations and the growth of the economies of the region-based countries.

Angola’s stance was expressed by the Secretary of State for Mineral Resources Jánio Correia Victor on Tuesday at the 26th Meeting of the Regional Committee of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

Speaking under the topic: fight against the illegal exploitation of Natural Resources, the official expressed Angola’s permanent support for all efforts made under the leadership of the Angolan President and chairperson of the ICGLR, João Lourenço.

The Secretary of State said Angola is fully committed to the implementation of this regional initiative to achieve peace and sustainable development, “preventing our natural resources from being used to finance armed groups that abuse human rights in our region”.

He confirmed the determination of the Angolan Government to support the work of the ICGLR secretariat and the Regional Committee to ensure the performance and achievement of its goals laid down in the protocol against the exploitation of natural resources.

While the chairperson of the ICGLR Regional Committee against Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources, Estanislau Buio, highlighted the difficult time the meeting is being held.

He said the event is taking place at a difficult time in the international geopolitics to strengthen the mechanism for conflict prevention in the region.

He explained that the meeting will allow the presentation by the Member States on the implementation of the six tools, suggestions and challenges encountered in their implementation.

Whereas, the Executive Secretary of ICGLR João Caholo defended added values and improving natural resources to ensure the global success of energy transition.

He considered crucial to boost the energy transition to mitigate the climate change, and ensure energy security and economic diversification and development.

“The energy transition in our region includes the transition out of poverty, the transition to development, the transition to growth and the sustainable transition,” he said.

In 2021, the Angolan minister Diamantino Azevedo reiterated the country’s commitment to continue working on implementation of the six tools in the fight against illegal exploitation of natural resources in the region.

As president of the ICGLR Regional Committee, Angola hosts, from 25 to 27 July of this year, the 26th Meeting of the organisation to address its self-financing and the illegal exploitation of mineral resources in the region.

In Luanda, the participants are analysing the state of implementation of the resolutions of the 25th meeting, as well as discussing mechanisms to add value to the mining activity, so that the Great Lakes region stops exporting raw minerals and creates jobs.

Angola holds the ICGLR chair, an organisation that also includes Burundi, DRC, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and the Republic of Congo. 

Source : AllAfrica